Playing, building, learning. For everyone.

A project by Rebel Labs

A network of peer-to-peer digital making clubs for all ages.

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Rebel Makers is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs for everyone who is interested in technology - regardless of age or ability. At our Clubs, Rebels get together to share existing knowledge and learn new skills in a fun, safe and collaborative environment, exploring anything and everything from electronics and programmable hardware, through to writing code, design, and media production.

What to expect at a Rebel Makers Club?

    Every club

  • Skills exchange

    Gain validation by sharing knowledge you already have while learning and experimenting with new skills and tech.

  • Work on projects

    If you've got a project which you want to start or continue, use our Clubs as a great space to be productive and get support.

  • Awesome community

    Joining the Rebellion means meeting, learning and sharing with lots of brilliant, like-minded people.


  • Club projects

    These will be on-going and decided by each Club as a whole, giving every Rebel the chance to work on a group project.

  • Hardware

    Hardware Hubs will offer a variety of kit and gadgets for Rebels to experiment with.

  • Workshops

    Workshops are great ways to give deeper insight into specific areas of the tech world, or kickstart new skills.

We are a community

It's hugely important to us that Rebel Makers is grounded in and driven by the community. This is something that will never change. We run democratically, giving every Rebel a voice to decide how the Clubs will be structured and what direction we take Rebel Makers in the future.